Claudine Foong

Claudine Foong, is a golf specific strength and conditioning coach who specializes in elite sport performance. Upon finishing her career as a professional golfer on the Future and Canadian Tours, Claudine reclaimed her lifelong passion for fitness. Building on her experience in professional sport, Claudine mentored under some of the best professionals in sport performance, recovery, and biomechanics. Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as a Level III Golf Fitness Professional and Junior Coach, she has found a very successful niche in the golf industry.

Claudine’s dedication to sport performance has always been evident. She continues to educate herself and grow her expertise in athlete development. As someone who knows first hand what it takes to succeed at the top levels, Claudine equips her clients with the tools they need to achieve their goals. Claudine has worked with elite athletes in golf, martial arts, swimming, figure skating, rugby, and hockey.


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