Marcus Elliot, M.D., P3,

I have worked with Carmine during his internship at P3, as well with athletes preparing for Beijing games. I have found his approach to be consistently insightful and effective. I believe his groundings in science and biomechanics represent the future direction in soft tissue work, particularly in elite athletes where small gains can differentiate winners and losers. His assistance in recover/regeneration, as well as thoughtful feedback on our athletes played a key role during his time with us at P3. I have recommended him not only to our clients, but to professional sports organizations as well.

Sarah Hammer, Two-Time World Cycling Champion 2008 Olympian

Carmine is the only person I trust to work on my body. With his expertise in A.R.T. he was able to help me get over the worst injury of my career and get me ready for the Olympic Games. I would recommend Carmine to any athlete; except my competitors!

Phil Wagner, MD, Sparta Science,

With a great amount of experience in training athletes around the globe and having contact with various soft tissue therapists, I was immediately impressed with Carmine’s breath of knowledge and his efficiency in treating athletes. In the world of sport where fractions of a second determine winners, it is vital for athletes to regenerate and recover properly. Carmine’s work is greatly appreciated by the clients at Sparta and I recommend him to any athlete.

Joey Lye, Team Canada Softball

I first happened upon Carmine’s practice when searching for an ART specialist in the Toronto area. I was so impressed by Carmine’s expertise after my first appointment that I haven’t gone to anyone else since. Carmine made sure I was able to reach my peak performance for our final evaluation camp and I am confident he will do the same for years to come. Not only do I reach out to him in terms of injury prevention and treatment, but we are in constant contact throughout the year with regard to my strength training regiment and progress. It is obvious that Carmine really cares about his patients and loves his work. Without hesitation, I have referred my teammate for her sport-related injury as well as my Dad for his chronic aches and pains. With his extensive knowledge and dedication, I place my full trust in, and appreciation for, Carmine’s treatments and advice.

Mike B

Our entire family has been helped tremedously by Dr. Carmine Filice – my wife and I plus all three of our kids! Dr. Carmine has treated us for a variety of problems – from neck issues to dance injuries to lower back pain. My wife, a registered nurse, was the first in our family to visit Dr. Carmine. She had extremely limited neck mobility – only 30% at the time. With Dr. Carmine’s treatment, my wife’s neck mobility has increased to approximately 95%. Though I was skeptical of chiropractic methods, my wife encouraged me to visit Dr. Carmine to seek some treatment for my chronic lower back pain and limited flexibility. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Carmine’s logical and thoughtful health care approach. Dr. Carmine combined a hands-on approach together with an exercise program to increase my flexibility and strenthen my core muscles. My back pain is now greatly reduced; in fact, I recently completed a sprint triatholon. My wife and I were so impressed with Dr. Carmine that we did not hesitate to bring our kids to see him for treatment for a range of sports and dance related injuries. We have also recommended Dr. Carmine to our friends seeking health care advice – including a friend living in Hong Kong!


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