The Lab


The Performance Lab was founded upon an innovative vision of athletic development and sports rehabilitation. The facility was designed to test athletes with the highest accuracy possible; by capturing them in a setting that allows them to recreate their specific sport movements and perform as though they were in their true sport environment. By setting up our testing systems in the athlete’s true field, whether that is an ice rink, basketball court, etc., we are able to capture and test at the athlete’s full-neurological and athletic potential, providing unseen data for our team to analyze.

The Performance Lab works with a wide range of clients – from those dealing with injuries brought on by everyday life, to professional athletes across all sports. We are the only facility in Canada that uses true 3D Motion Capture and Force Plate Technology combined with our unique Body ID Algorithms to most accurately assess our athletes and diagnose our rehabilitation clients.

The Performance Lab is the therapy centre and Sports Science consultant for Tennis Canada, while Dr. Carmine Filice holds the position of Director of Sports Science. Our work in professional sports also includes bringing our testing onto the ice with an NHL Franchise, working with MLB, NHL, MLS, AVP, MMA, WTA athletes, as well as World Champions and Olympians from around the globe.